Red Riding Hood (2011) – Trailer

Director, Catherine Hardwicke, of the Twilight saga’s first film is at it once again though be it not of Twilight, but rather of young, adolescent, Ms. Little Red Riding Hood. It almost sounds sweet. I cannot help but question what the matter is with Hollywood, or perhaps even society as one can often blame society when a harmless, almost innocent children’s story is turned into a scandalous affair. Grandma would not be pleased of that I am quite certain. Nevertheless, Grandma’s repose is beneath a belly of fur and guts with wait, Red Riding Hood at her side? I have once again, it seems so, confused myself.

If you must know, Red Hooding Hood is the story of Valerie (Amanda Seyfried) a young woman between two men, the stranger Peter and a wealthy gentleman of sorts, Henry.

Unfortunately for Henry, he’s wealthy and women seem not to take to that in fiction. So it is that Valerie and Peter wish to run off together. Ah! but together they heed the teachings of the forest as Valerie’s elder sister was eaten by a werewolf amongst the pine that surrounds their village! Did I make that sound interesting? I tried. One can only use so many exclamation marks, after all.

Without further rambling, I present to you, Red Riding Hood. Really though, are the stories even connected? If at all? I suppose it does not matter the least as I found the company of disinterest soon before the trailer’s end.

To the one, maybe two readers that I may have I ask you: What is this?


2 Responses to Red Riding Hood (2011) – Trailer

  1. Sparky says:

    Sounds pretty cool. I will have to look for this.

  2. It looks like an “R” to me! The preview does entice one a bit. Definitely one to take your girlfriend to see.

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